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Why do people queue, sometimes overnight (or over several nights) for anything from the latest mobile phone to sporting events? Have you ever wondered what drives you to go to great lengths for certain items or experiences?

Marketers have had the answers for years

According to Josh Kaufman, author of The Personal MBA, all successful businesses know and leverage specific key drivers of human behaviour to get us to buy what they offer.

At the core, all successful businesses sell some combination of money, status, power, love, knowledge, protection, pleasure, and excitement. Josh Kaufman

In my career experience over the last 12 years, which included senior roles…

Some thoughts on the concept

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Several dictionaries define “missing” as the feeling of sadness at the absence of that which is missed and the desire to have it. But when I was recently asked what I truly missed, I found that I wrote some things I didn’t particularly want back.

Aside from the obvious, like loved ones I’ve lost or am far away from, I realised I also missed:

  • The selves I used to be. The various me’s whom I remember as if they were favourite characters from favourite stories: connected but not personally. …

The freedom fallacy

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From inspirational quotes to political rallies, rock songs to meditative chants, we’re in love with the idea of freedom. Equally, from wedding vows to employment contracts, we’re always searching for the security that comes with being bound. Un-free.

I was in one of several very free periods in my life (unemployed and single, in this case) when I came across this quote and felt the need to reply to it.

I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding. John O’Donohue

But what if you’re afraid?

Afraid of the unfolding, afraid of…

Especially when I’m consumed by my own struggles and don’t see hers.

Author’s own

Let me start by saying that being extremely introverted isn’t a diagnosis. It’s not a dysfunction, but it can result in very dysfunctional relationships.

I didn’t have an immediate connection with my daughter, she was another human after all and when she arrived, suddenly I wasn’t alone. It wasn’t the only thing, but it definitely contributed to my post-natal depression. We eventually found our flow when her au pair took over mothering and I could just teach her things. Teaching felt easy to me, even when her tantrums made it impossible to everyone else. …

Poetry in motion

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An unexpected outcome of the poem-a-day challenge I’ve just finished was finding it easy to write one every day, even when I wasn’t in the mood to write. I never would have thought it. Previously, I only wrote poetry when it bubbled up asking or insisting to be set free, or in classes or workshops I’ve attended over the years.

My first little “ah ha” moment came on the very first day of the challenge, when I only remembered I was doing it just as I was falling asleep! Slightly frustrated, I opened one eye, grabbed a pen and my…

A poem

By author

My poem-a-day challenge ends today. It’s coincidentally my 40th and I’ve been “forced” to celebrate it. And I’m delighted to have been. Birthdays are fascinating to me. For most things in life, something everyone has is by definition not special. And yet birthdays retain that charm for almost everyone, even many who deny it.

I’ve come to see birthdays as more about the people around the person celebrating. Specifically, about those relationships, and an opportunity for them to feel that warm feeling you get from showing care and love. Over time, I’ve realised that it’s more selfish to refuse to…

As a doctor, I knew I needed to drink more water. What happened became a study in behavior change.

Woman looking through a glass of waters with eyes crossed.
Woman looking through a glass of waters with eyes crossed.
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It was dry skin that finally made me crack. I’d been feeling headachey, irritable, and tired for a while. As an ex-medical doctor, I knew the symptoms of dehydration. But as the head of the investor behaviour team at a large investment company, I didn’t have time to do anything about it, and in any case, being tired and irritable is normal in corporate, right?

When my skin lost its shine and telltale lines appeared, I started worrying that my childhood psoriasis would come back. Every morning, I’d dutifully fill the largest glass in the office kitchen. …

Wanita Isaacs

Writer, pathologically teaching-to-learn (those who can't do, ...). Ex-medical doctor, ex-corporate communications, ex-rat racer.

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